Maria Alejandra Castro Espejo was born in Lima, Peru. When she was six, she moved to the Netherlands where she studied composition at the Rotterdam conservatory under Klaas de Vries, whose music she found intriguing because of its poetic and unexpected qualities.


She continued her education under Diederik Wagenaar at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and obtained her BA Musicology at the University of Amsterdam.

She composes for diverse ensembles, vocal music, electro-acoustic music, chamber music and music theater. Her compositions were performed by, among others, the Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam), De Ereprijs in collaboration with two female singers, Enesco string quartet (Paris), Ensemble Reconsil (Vienna), Duo Cajon (Carina Vinke, Jonas Skielboe) and Oerknal ensemble in The Hague.

Conductors with whom she collaborated include Bas Wiegers, Arie van Beek, Christian Karlsen, Wouter Padberg and Roland Freisitzer.

In 2015 she wrote her first full-length music theater work "EICHMANN, a performance about free will" that premiered in the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. For this production she collaborated with theater maker Bo Tarenskeen.


Maria Alejandra 's Peruvian background is one of the musical sources from which she draws, though this is not always immediately audible. Voice and language occupy a special place in her work. From her first vocal works she chose texts in the languages ​​closest to her, Dutch and Spanish. Finding out the text in all possible meanings and making use of the sound of the language are essential conditions for her to put text on music.




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Foto: David Pijlman

String Quartet no. 1 - "Wat stilstaat deelt zichzelf misschien het meeste mee"

Parallel/ Non Parallel Part II - for organ, Bavo, Haarlem

Requiem For A Man Dying - sampled music

Reloj De Amor- World Premiere, Carina Vinke (alto), Jonas Skielboe (Guitar)

RISA - for soprano, mezzo-sorano and wind ensemble, piano, bas and percussion

Chiquian en Holanda